What kind of detox is the worst to go through?

What kind of detox is the worst to go through?

What kind of detox is the worst to go through?

Detox can be a highly unpleasant experience for individuals that have been continuously abusing drugs and suddenly stop. Withdrawal symptoms may be unpleasant, but for some drugs, it is the only way for toxins to be released from the body. Some street drugs can have fatal consequences when quitting cold turkey, making medical detox a necessary service. Withdrawal is one reason many addicted individuals avoid treatment, but professionals at treatment centers are aware of the risk and take precautions to guard against it.

Opiates – Prescription Drugs, Heroin & More

Early symptoms of withdrawal include anxiety, agitation, aches in the muscles, and trouble sleeping. As they progress, individuals may experience abdominal cramping, sweating, diarrhea, nausea, runny noses, and vomiting within 30 hours.


Withdrawal from cocaine happens within 90 minutes and can last for 10 days – the worst symptoms occur within the first two days. Users may feel fatigued, slow, hungry, lose interest in sex, feel physical pain, and suffer from insomnia. Depression and paranoia are also serious risks, as they can lead to dangerous behaviors.


Alcohol withdrawal can cause death if it is not monitored by a professional. You may notice such signs of alcohol withdrawal as confusion, convulsions, seizures, and even delusions. Anxiety, nausea, and sweating may also occur, and peak within 30 hours of the user’s last drink. If hallucinations occur, they can last for up to 6 days.


These are used to treat acute symptoms of withdrawal, but they may cause addiction themselves in individuals who are prone to addictive behavior. These withdrawal symptoms can be extreme and last longer than other drugs – anywhere from 10 to 14 days. Several problems can occur, including psychotic episodes and seizures. Without professional monitoring, detox can be fatal.


These are commonly prescribed, but there is a version of this drug on the streets – methamphetamines. One of the biggest symptoms of withdrawal is the intense craving to use the drug again. This can last for several weeks, declining as time goes on. You may also experience depression, psychosis, or lethargy.

Mixing Drugs

Mixing drugs increases the difficulty of dealing with symptoms of withdrawal. This can complicate recovery, making users more likely to recover if they have the help of a professional. Professionals can guide you as you attempt to work through your addiction and provide a safe place to go through withdrawal as comfortably as possible.

If you or someone you love needs help battling an addiction, speak with a professional and get the help you need. Detoxing is always difficult, but it can be made much easier with expert guidance.

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