Partial Care Programs

We at Jersey Medical Detox Center do know that sometimes things change. Outpatient treatment won’t end up being a perfect fit for everyone. We definitely don’t abandon you though.

We have Partial Care Programs at affiliated hospitals. That way we can make sure you get the assistance you need. It still isn’t residential and is still outpatient based. This will not spend your life.

Requirements needed for Partial Care-

  • Have made significant progress in an outpatient treatment program.
  • Are not at risk for serious withdrawal.
  • Do not have as severe a substance abuse problem.

Partial care takes over where just our outpatient treatment alone could not. It’s a high-level program with more hours required. You focus on deeper issues and get more clinical help. It’s meant for those who weren’t getting the success they needed.

We include services such as:

  • Educational classes
  • Therapy
  • Medication management

Partial Care was originally designed for mental health patients. Many treatment programs now have it for those with addiction.

Of course, many people who are recommended for these programs have both addiction and mental health issues. This is why it is an appropriate choice for some people.

People are sent to Partial Care after detox and treatment, once it’s realized they aren’t thriving. A stop in growth can be dangerous on the road to recovery. There need to be constant steps forward at first. Being stagnant can be bad.

If you stay still or don’t seem able to move forward relapse is more likely. Relapse prevention is the biggest part of any addiction treatment program. Relapse is usually considered to happen now and again, and prevention is key.

Partial Care does differ from the program as there is more rigid monitoring. Every step is watched and noted. This is because the person supposed to be holding themselves accountable may not be as trustworthy.

They may have thought about using or did at least once. This is why this is necessary for them.

There is always therapy and counseling involved — more lessons on how to manage life and how to cope. The hardest part can be trying to forget what drug abuse felt like and then remember what it did instead.

The negative outweighs those few minutes of bliss. Some people need to talk about it more and learn ways to cope with their cravings. That is what Partial Care is for.