Our Goals

Here at the Jersey Medical Detox Center we live to serve our community. New Jersey is home to more than nine million people. A good percentage of those will suffer from drug addiction. A number of those will take the necessary step toward recovery.

We believe that addiction is an illness just like diabetes or other chronic issues. The best way to battle addiction is through abstinence. Quitting drug use is hard for many people. But it is the only way to stop addiction and heal people.

We have outpatient programs because we believe being in the same place from start to finish helps recovery. It starts and ends with the person seeking help.

They need to be in control of their own recovery. Addiction upends life already. Many programs pull people out of their lives for a month or more. This can lead to issues when trying to get back to “real life”.

For people, the option to follow up with treatment while still being able to go to work and home is necessary. It can change the outcome for a lot of people. We focus on relapse prevention and getting people to a place where they feel more comfortable alone.