Life After Detox

Generally, life after a detox can be scary. It can be intimidating and unreal to try and remember what life was like before drugs. The idea of managing without it might seem impossible.

Detoxification is the process of removing substances from your systems like drugs or alcohol. Usually, people suffer from withdrawal, which is a painful response from their bodies dependence on drugs.

Having used drugs consistently for long enough that the body needs to be detoxed means you have changed your life. Life is twisted on drugs. You change, how you interact with life and people change.

This doesn’t mean that life was necessarily destroyed. What it does mean is that when you go back to it without drugs, it’s going to feel very weird. You might feel isolated or different.

Because of the outpatient treatment programs we use, you won’t have as many issues as others. Many treatments is inpatient which means they leave for thirty or more days. Coming back to real life can feel like a splash of cold water.

That doesn’t mean it’s easier trying to manage life and recovery at the same time. Of course, it doesn’t.

This just means you have the chance to integrate into life slowly. As you rediscover yourself daily you can apply it to life.

So make sure you see negative responses and turn them around. Drugs fueled your interactions and decisions. This is true even if you didn’t realize it.

Pay close attention to your loved ones and your job. Make sure to focus on changing yourself for the better.

As you learn new coping skills you get to apply them as you go. This means you can change them to see how they work for you, something inpatient people can’t do.

Take your chances, work hard. Commit to it.