General Outpatient Treatment Program (GOP)

General Outpatient Treatment Program (GOP)

It is important that you stop using drugs the day before you come in. That way in the morning we can treat the beginning of your withdrawal symptoms.

Coming in with drugs in your system just makes it take longer. Commit to this first step for yourself.

Outpatient treatments are often the best option for people who have drug abuse problems. Not everyone is the stereotype of an addict, living on the streets and scruffy.

Many drug addicts realize they have a problem before it ruins everything. But going to rehab isn’t an option because they need to be able to keep their job, or be with their families.

We have a high-intensity outpatient program. This is to serve better those who need to keep control over their lives. Being able to continue with their daily lives can make this whole process easier.

What To Expect:

  • For this first trial, be ready to stay at least six hours.
  • You will be attended to by a nurse. There will be an option to see a psychiatrist.
  • We are fully educated and informed on current treatment. We are constantly adding to and changing our programs.
  • Each person is individually treated with their own program and medications.
  • We make sure to choose medicines based on the least amount of effects.

Along with that, we make sure they are effective.

  • Your opinion matters. How much you want to take is taken into account for dosage.
  • You return each day for your medication to help relieve symptoms.

Why Outpatient Is The Right Way To Choose

You don’t have to wait. Instead of having to wait in a hospital or waiting room we see you right away. The whole pesky business of needing to be transferred doesn’t happen. Our medical staff is here waiting to help.

More intense. This means that the program is regulated, faster, and maybe a little more difficult for some people. We will check on you every hour to see how you’re doing. We want this to happen as much as you do.

No rush. Hospitals and other treatment centers push to get people to stop using detoxing medicines as fast as possible. This is done with best interests in mind but isn’t always helpful. We are here and ready to make sure you have as much time as you need to detox.


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    Hello. Where I can download detox options on your website?
    Got information from your Support. I need latest version of it.

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