About Us

Jersey Medical Detox Center

We are a wonderful new facility in New Jersey that has been around for about five years. We offer a variety of services. We aim to help people who suffer from drug addiction. It is important in the recovery process to detox successfully.

Detox is often one of the first steps to committing to a clean lifestyle. But it can be one of the most difficult because the body thinks it needs these drugs to keep going. The pain and sickness that follows withdrawal need to be treated. That way the motivation to continue can be found.

We provide outpatient treatment programs. This is so that people can recover in the comfort of their own homes. Feeling comfortable and safe is important when in such a vulnerable state.

New Jersey has needed a Detox Center like ours for quite a while. We are happy to fill this space and provide for our community. This isn’t a place of judgment, only science, and recovery.

We understand that sometimes people’s lives get out of control. When that first step is taken to regain it, then people need to be supported. It is our job to help support everyone who wishes to get clean.