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Holistic Treatment for Drug Addiction

There are several ways of treating drug addiction, from classical ones to innovative ones; one of them is called holistic treatment. First thing first, the word ‘holistic’ means taking into account every characteristic of a single person. Therefore, it’s not limited to curing the physical and psychological effects of drug addiction. A holistic approach to addiction is something rather new, and, for this reason, there might be a lot of uncertainties regarding this topic. To shine some light over holistic rehabs, we prepared this quick article.

What is a Holistic Approach to Addiction Treatment?

Addiction usually affects a person emotionally, physically, and mentally. Therefore it’s crucial to find the best way to treat the individual who’s suffering.

In order for a treatment to be complete and effective, it needs to address all of these aspects. Otherwise, it won’t be a complete therapy. A holistic addiction treatment aims to make the patients well in all the areas of their health, as well as getting rid of the influence of drugs or alcohol.

A holistic approach to addiction doesn’t only take into consideration an individual’s physical state, but it also works on a person’s mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. This doesn’t necessarily mean a holistic drug treatment is a non-medical one; although there are some that don’t include a medical aspect, there are also many that come with clinical care.

Holistic rehab focuses on a patient’s unique complexities. Therefore, the chances of complete recovery are higher when compared to standard treatment. Long-lasting recovery can be reached through holistic rehabilitation because it treats the entire person, basing on the fact that physical signs of an addiction are not the main problem of an individual.

What Are Holistic Therapies?

Let’s now move on to describing some of the primary non-medical holistic addiction therapies that are available to the patients:

  • Art therapy: One of the most common therapies. Art therapy ideas for substance abuse features different kinds of art (such as painting and drawing) and helps patients develop a healthy way of coping with challenges of different nature they might encounter throughout their lives.
  • Exercise therapy: This therapy aims to improve mental and emotional health through exercising the body. These patients will become physically fit while also gaining confidence in their abilities.
  • Acupuncture or massage: Physical pressure and stress can both be relieved through these therapies. The discomfort which comes from muscular stress might indeed be the reason why some people turn to alcoholism or drug abuse. With this holistic therapy, individuals are likely to find physical and emotional peace.
  • Mindfulness therapy: This therapy, along with meditation, aims to help a patient become aware of the current moment, focusing on the here and now and taking the attention off of painful memories.

Ultimately, these holistic addiction treatments don’t forget the physical pain and stress, which originates from drug addiction and withdrawal. However, they also focus on helping the patient move forward and not be stuck in the past.

Some other effective therapies can be:

  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Meditation
  • Nutritional therapy

Different activities are involved in holistic addiction recovery, but they all focus on showing the individuals how they can persevere to overcome difficult situations while working with other people as a team.

Costs of holistic therapies

The costs may vary depending on which therapy patients approach. In high-end programs, massage therapy can cost around $160/hour, while an hour of acupuncture can reach $110.

Sometimes the costs of the single therapies are included in the overall cost of the holistic rehabs; other times, additional sessions need to be paid separately.

What About the Benefits of Holistic Therapies?

One of the main benefits of following holistic addiction treatment is being able to focus on current events and what’s happening in the present. Drug abuse is sometimes a way to forget pain, but with holistic rehabs, patients are encouraged to take the next step to move on from their fears and anxiety.

When people complete the program, they’re not only going to be able to realize when they’re having negative feelings or negative thoughts, but they are also going to know how to correctly deal with them without turning to drugs or alcohol.

If you wish to know more about holistic substance abuse treatments, you are welcome to read this article, the NCBI website offers.