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Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

What Is An Intensive Outpatient Program? Intensive Outpatient Treatment (or IOP) is a program sometimes recommended. For those who don’t need a detox supervised by medical staff, this can be the best option.  It is also intended for those who may have already finished initial treatment, but to help them continue forward. It’s considered part-time, […]

General Outpatient Treatment Program (GOP)

It is important that you stop using drugs the day before you come in. That way in the morning we can treat the beginning of your withdrawal symptoms. Coming in with drugs in your system just makes it take longer. Commit to this first step for yourself. Outpatient treatments are often the best option for […]

What Is Drug Detox And Why Is It Necessary?

Detox Detoxification is an important term to know. Detoxing is the process of toxins being cleansed from the body. When someone uses drugs regularly, their body grows used to the substance. Withdrawal When someone stops using the substance suddenly, the body going into overdrive. This is called withdrawal. The body can believe that without that […]